tidelines is a series of engagements between me, the beach, and things i find and pick up at the beach. the project began in september 2015 when i put several hundred stones in a line along the flat edge of a seawall on a beach in plymouth. At the time i didn’t know i was starting what would become an ongoing project and lead to 40 (as of august 2016) separate ‘pieces’ of work over 11 months of activity (so far). At the time i was just rearranging stones on the beach, which is something i’ve been doing since i was two.

since that impulse that started when i was so young and has continued to manifest itself whenever i’m near the edge of the land (plymouth has a lot of edges), has been given free reign to direct my activities in recent months, it seemed worthwhile to keep track of occurances while they occurred. after 40 ‘rearrangements’, there’s a lot of documentation of a simple act (picking things up, moving them, putting them down), that has evolved into a practice and resulted in what appears to be a body of work. more on that soon. for now, have a look at some photos.

click on the images below to see galleries of several of the rearrangements. there’s a gallery of images of another early tidelines project (‘2000 Umbrellas’ – 11-15 oct. ’15), in the sidebar. for a list of all the projects to date (as of august 2016), click here. to see some photos of tidelines no.1 ‘seawall’, click here.

she's a brick house
tidelines no.38 ‘brickwork’
found brick fragments arranged on 36 girder ends along seawall, mt. edgcumbe, cornwall
20 july 2016