tidelines number 12 ‘terrace’ firestone bay/devil’s point plymouth

1-13 oct, 24/24 oct, 8 nov 2015

terrace began as a way to use limpet shells i had been collecting that were substantially smaller than the shells i’d used in ‘1000 umbrellas’ and ‘2000 umbrellas’. the piece initially consisted of 500 shells arranged in two double lines and one single line, but developed over time because the piece remained relatively undisturbed due to its ‘hidden’ location. the site of the piece was an odd little terrace that’s accesible by a staircase in the wall along the walkway that leads around the end of stonehouse from the artillery tower, past the stonehouse barracks firing range and deadends just before the continental ferry port.  i don’t know if this walk has a name separate from devil’s point, over even a name at all. it’s just above the swimmer’s beach known locally as tranquility bay. it’s a relatively flat, out-the-way place ideal for interventions involving rearranged beach flotsam. i added to the piece several times in october and november (in the later stages, ably aided by Nic), but stopped counting each addition, so the final shell count is only approximate, but i estimate it at about 1000. the piece took some time to deteriorate, but the last time i checked (early 2016), there was very little trace left. probably it’s time to plan another piece for this site.

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