that’s a lot of shells

for the tidelines project, whole limpet shells are known as umbrellas, and limpet shells whose tops have come off are known as fairy rings. there are 13,920 of ’em in the studio at the moment, waiting to be taken back to the beach and rearranged. when they’re added to all the shells that’ve been used in rearrangements already, it seems to add up to about 24,000 shells that i’ve handled since last september. but who’s counting…

600 b(l)eached umbrellas in different arrangementsa pile of limpet shells 600 b(l)eached limpet shells close up view of limpet shells 600 b(l)eached limpets in stacks

370 fairy rings in a pile on the carpet370 fairy rings

and in stacks370 fairy rings in stacks

and in a dishdish of fairy rings

200 b(l)eached fairy rings in stacks200 b(l)eached fairy rings in stacks

250 fairy rings strung up in groups of 10250 fairy rings strung up

2,500 fairy rings on stringslimpet shells strung onto cord

and here they are again, 10,000 umbrellas in boxes10000 limpet shells in boxes in my studio.