sushi gazes heavenward
’cause i’ve seen blue skies, through the tears in my eyes, and i realize i’m going home…


home page faq

q – why is there a photo of a bird on your home page? i thought you made paintings and drawings?

a – i do. the bird lived in my kitchen for a month this summer while it was learning how to be a bird. i made a lot of photos, shot a lot of video and started making drawings that look a lot like wings and feathers. the experience had a deep impact on me, and i’ll probably be processing it through my work for some time to come. click on the bird for more bird stuff. visit the other pages via the links across the top to see what else has been going on. have fun. leave comments. submit questions for the home page faq.

q – evanonrev? what’s the deal with that?

a – many moons ago…1998, i was driving from los angeles to pomona to watch drag racing with my dad, my brother and my future wife. for days, we’d been reading signs in reverse, to amuse ourselves…’pots’, ‘nrut tfel on’, ‘tixe ycnegreme’, that sort of thing. somewhere between LA and pomona, we passed a big sign on the highway, an exit ramp for vernon ave. which, when reversed, is evanonrev, which is fun to read and say. i started using it for email addresses and other things, and it sorta stuck. it works as a name eva nonrev, or evan onrev. i figured it would be more unique as a domain/website than ‘matthew roland thomas’, which, let’s face it, doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.