from the palace of experimental trickery

is the name of this blog. it takes up a lot of space on the menu line, but i thought ‘blog’ looked pretty, oh, dull, so i changed it. it’ll remain long and unwieldy on the menu line until i figure out how to make it shorter whilst allowing it to say the same thing. ‘from the palace of experimental trickery’ is the name of a series of works on paper (drawings and paintings), that i’ve been working on for a couple of years. i may be working on it on and off for the rest of my life. this entire website is a brand new venture, so as yet, the paintings and drawings (or at least some of them) that rest under the title ‘from the palace of experimental trickery, do not yet appear on it. fear not, they soon will. what appears mostly here now is photos of recent works i’ve been doing outside on the beaches around plymouth – works that involve picking things (shells, stones, bits of glass), up, moving them and putting them down again. and taking photographs of the results of such activity. here is the evidence. there are links to other sorts of activities i’m engaged in (lo-fi films, a music project called The Palindromes) also around the site. a list of official things resides on the ‘about’ page, if you wish to see a list of things i’ve done and where i learned to do what i do.

here is a picture of how i feel as i write this:

another film still

here is a picture of me. the interesting thing about this picture is how it came to be: a photograph of me that was made and published on facebook was downloaded by a friend, printed, and made into a card by her six-year-old daughter, who presented the card to me on my birthday. i was moved by this gesture, and decided to paint myself as i appear on this card (i never, or rarely engage in self-portraiture of such a direct nature). i then photographed the painting and published it on facebook. and now here. after so much mediation, the electrons that comprise this image (to say nothing of the various papers, inks, paint etc.) do not know whether they’re coming or going. i suppose that story is about as good a way of talking about art in the 21st century as any other. and from there, we’ll make a start. more on ‘from the palace of experimental trickery’ to come. oh, here’s the self-portrait, i didn’t forget:

what a grumpy man he was